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Products & Solutions of nuMedia

Over the years, many of the techniques and technologies nuMedia provides our customers have been developed for use on our own sites. Unlike most developers, nuMedia actually develops our own sites and products which lets us develop and test new ideas on our nickel, not yours.

Community Mall
Perfect for an entire city, major malls and small strip centers. Store owners have complete control over setting up their own on-line store and managing their on-line catalog. No system administrator required. Self-running.

Events Calendar
Community-wide event calendar system. Self-registration for posting events and code generator for listing the events on the poster’s website. Reminder/tickler system for users for each event.

Business Directory
Community-wide business and personal directories. Self-registration and information management with password access. Tiered listings: short directory listing; full page display with full information about the company or individual including all contact information, photos and logos and link to main website. Second tier can be a paid service with full credit card acceptance.

Add-your-own classified ads; ads expire after period set by site administrator; user can delete ad prior to expiration period; user can be notified prior to expiration for automatic extension. Can be free or paid service.

eMail System
Allow users to set up their own email accounts; email accounts accessible via mail clients and by web browser for access from anywhere. Works like HotMail, only faster and better.

Creates newsletters for the site (with photos); indexes and archives them after a set period of time; allows visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe for email version; automatically emails subscribers when new newsletter is posted to the site. Email notification to subscribers can either contain teasers linked back to your site or the full text of the newsletter.

FAQ Builder
Automatically builds FAQs from Contact/Feedback queries when responding to the original submission.

HR - Application Submission & Tracking
Complete Human Resource Center for: posting positions; accepting applications on-line, including attaching resume documents to the application; and, tracking applicants through the interview and
hiring process.

IPL - Intellectual Property Library & Management
System for uploading, categorizing and indexing mixed-media documents with controlled access provisions; cross indexed to department and personnel directories.

Meeting Manager
System for posting the meeting agenda and allowing individual participants to manage their personal meeting schedules. Meetings and events requiring registration or RSVP acknowledgement are automatically linked to the appropriate registration form with the specific event’s information pre-filled to prevent miscommunication. All information submitted and the response notifications are presented to the registrant in a print-ready format.

Web-based interface to the popular Protrak television scheduling software used by most, if not all, Public Television stations. Provides up-to-the-minute program schedules plus search for any time, date, program listings in the database. Very comprehensive, fully automated.

Membership Management
Accepts membership applications and payments; tracks and notifies upon renewal dates; builds automated news and alert notifications for both
on-line and off-line use.

PCC-Personal Control Centers
Access restricted, personalized information gatherer with a variety of tracking and reporting systems. This is the “portal” system everyone is talking about!

Reservation Systems
Accept on-line reservations for hotels, restaurants and other venues. Inventory sensitive and configurable for any combination of features and packages.
An alternate system is designed for self-service listings and inventory postings by the hotel, motel or B&B. Great for slow times and moving excess room inventory.

Resource Requisitions
Allows employees to request standard items with departmental approval controls. Budget limitations and available balances shown if needed. Various reports by item, employee and department.

Reward System
Site rewards for participation and visits. Tracking over a period of time for each individual with automatic points awarded for discounts on merchandise or other reward activities.

Resource Scheduler
Shows availability of resources such as rooms, equipment, personnel with the ability to request or reserve a resource with the availability reflecting the reservation in real-time. Managed by an administrator and/or the resource (human).

Ticket Sales
Extensive ticket sales system includes: repeatable performance data; inventory level controls with automatic notification of low inventory; automatic cut-off date/time; automatic switch from mailing tickets to a will-call notice prior to cut-off, but after time for mailing. Multiple price levels and limits per order. General Admission and Reserved seating.

Streaming Media
Full Microsoft Media Player, Real Media, QuickTime and ClickStream servers and compressors for both audio and video materials. Click Stream requires no plugin or outside player and handles both audio and video.

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