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How nuMedia Does It

Industry Standards
Just as you need to support your customers, you need to make sure your site will support you as your business needs evolve. nuMedia uses industry standard software as it develops your site so you are not left with obsolete systems which quickly become insupportable. This also means that if you decide to move your site or turn it over to others for maintenance and updates, you will be able to find personnel who are familiar with the systems used.

Regardless of whom you select to develop and maintain your site, if they don’t earn and retain your confidence, they shouldn’t have your business, and you should be able to easily move your site to another provider.

A business’ website is no longer just a place to hang its name, address and phone number. Your website has to work for your business with minimal restructuring of how you do business today.

Having worked with hundreds of businesses over the years, we’ve boiled our process down to 3 simple steps:

  1. Listening to our clients and taking the time to understand their business models, markets and goals;
  2. Crafting an Internet presence which achieves those goals by maximizing customer communications while minimizing maintenance overhead; and,
  3. Providing the systems necessary for continued evaluation and growth as markets change and goals evolve.
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