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Hospital Pre-Admission Registration

The Situation:
When patients arrive at most hospitals for a scheduled procedure, they have to stop and fill out reams of forms before they are admitted. Methodist Healthcare in San Antonio, wanting to alleviate this pressure for both their patients and admitting staff, requested an on-line pre-admission registration system for their facilities.

The Solution:
With their new pre-admission system, the hospitals' staff now have a better way to plan ahead for incoming patients and patients can take their time filling out the forms in the comfort of their home. When they arrive, the hospital staff already has all the information needed and only has to verify insurance coverage. Admission time has been significantly reduced saving the hospitals time and money and saving patients and their families an unwelcome delay when they arrive.

A second implementation of the system will include the capability for registering patients to save their applications and information on all members of their family for future use. This will be expanded to provide families a convenient way to save a history of their hospital visits and communicate securely with their doctors and the hospitals' staff.



  • Easy, Convenient On-Line Pre-Admission Registration
  • Conveniently Maintain Personal and Insurance Information
  • History of Hospital Visits
  • Secure Communications between Patients, Doctors and Hospital Staff.
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