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Human Resources
iHR.sys - Progress through Innovation

The Situation:
One of the most progressive hospitals we've seen is in New Braunfels, Texas. Searching for ways to make their internal processes more efficient and keep costs down, they hired a workflow expert to guide them through the process. The question was "how do we reduce the time it takes for things to get done, prevent things from being misplaced and keep track of all the things we have to do to make the hospital run efficiently?"

Questions any company with an eye on operating efficiently constantly asks itself.

There had to be an affordable answer…

The Solution:
After months of meetings with various departments, we identified not only what they were doing in their normal processes, we helped distill their actions down to what they really wanted to achieve. Those are not necessarily the same and can, in many instances, actually be mutually exclusive.

To make a long story short, we first tied into their existing, inflexible, system and pulled employee information into a new, custom portal system which now allowed them to do wonderous things.
Their only limitation was their imagination.

Once we could identify who was who on the system, we built processes for things as simple as locating the proper person in a department and how to contact them, to as complex as automating the annual employee performance reviews with compensation analysis and adjustments. Of course, all the processes required various chains of notification and approval. Where this was previously a process of passing paper between offices over several days or weeks, the functions now take only minutes with no loss of paperwork and everyone in the process can see where the activity is at any time. No more, "Who has the form now?" Of course everything is logged, tracked and archived automatically. And, no trees were sacrificed in the process.

Again, while inspired by the critical needs of healthcare organizations to keep costs down and the rigorous regulations requiring accountability at every step, the solutions we developed work for any business finding itself drowning in paperwork, wasting too much time chasing it down and doing things by hand that should be automated.

Workflow Module Features: Employee Portals
  • Employee Directory
  • Document Libraries
  • Job Description Library
  • Task Library
  • Competencies
  • Job Performance Evaluations
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Personnel Requisition
  • Personnel Action Request
  • Request for Time Off
  • Materials Requisition
  • Approval/Review Routing
  • Access Controls
  • Employee Recognition
  • Call Center-Help Desk
  • Job Satisfaction Survey
For complete details of this solution, visit http://nuMedia.com/iHR.
"I have worked with nuMedia for over a year now and am very pleased with their work. nuMedia's team of programmers took the time to understand our goals and objectives and built an excellent product for us at a fair price.

On top of that, McKenna's team members have commented many times about nuMedia's prompt response time. Our experience with some vendors is that it takes weeks to resolve issues or just to answer questions.
With nuMedia, we always receive a response the same day and many times even get resolution at the same time."

Terry Robinson
Executive Director of Process

Improvement and Patient Relations
McKenna Health System
New Braunfels, TX
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