Pre-Employment : Applicant Tracking

Recruiters, managers and other HR personnel each have their own, individual, personalized portals to make their jobs easier in evaluating applicants for their positions and following through with background checks, the interview process and hiring decisions. When a recruiter logs onto the system, all new applicants for his positions show up in his “New Applications” section. A click on “In Progress” brings up a list of applicants being processed and where they are in the process. Full details on any applicant are always only a click away.

Once an applicant has submitted an application for specific openings, the recruiter responsible for an opening is the only person who has to deal with the applicant. Tasks such as background checks and setting appointments for interviews can be implemented automatically with a click. If an applicant appears to be a better fit for another recruiter, the original recruiter can easily transfer the applicant to the other recruiter’s portal. Referrals from other recruiters show up on a recruiter’s Referrals screen for easy access and to eliminate being confused with applicants for their own posted positions.

To facilitate the flow of information between groups, an internal communications system is built into the system so recruiters can attach comments to the application. Comments are divided into two groups: those everyone in the hiring process, except the applicant, can see; and, private comments between individual recruiters and between a recruiter and her staff.

Integrates with:

  • Employee Directory
  • Personnel Requisition
  • On-Line Applications
  • Personnel Action Request

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