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Like most HR job application systems, iHR.sys can accept blind applications although our clients have opted not to accept applications unattached to specific openings to prevent a flood of “spam” applications. Applicants must be applying for a listed position or positions before they can submit their application. Applicants may fill out their application prior to actually applying for a position, but the application does not become part of the HR database until they apply for a listed position. This eliminates a flood of applications from job seekers spamming job boards, allowing HR personnel to concentrate on those applicants applying for the positions needing to be filled. All applications which have been submitted are maintained in the database and can be mined at any time. When searching the application database, uploaded resumes are searched along with the applications themselves, giving HR recruiters the best possible chance of locating appropriate candidates.

Your company’s on-line application can be as simple or extensive as needed. One client uses a multi-part application which spans several pages. To make it easier for the applicant to gather the needed information, applicants are given a username and password so they may save their application at anytime and return to it when the necessary information has been gathered. This also allows applicants to return and update their applications without having to go through the registration process again. This identity function also provides the basis for developing a talent pool anxious to work for your company when a position is available even if, in the interim, they have accepted employment elsewhere. The applicant’s username and password also provide protected access to their personalized portal.

For your legal protection and EEOC reviews, all previous versions of an individual’s application are kept on file for later review if questions arise as to the reason for either hiring or not hiring the person at a specific time. When a recruiter is evaluating an individual for a position, the most recent version of the applicant’s work history, resume and other qualifiers are used. All EEOC information is retained in the system for HR’s use, but is not accessible by those making hiring decisions.

Integrates with:

  • Job Search
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Applicant Portal

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