Pre-Employment : Job Search

Applicants can search the job database using any combination of the criteria supplied in the posting process. All positions matching their request are presented with the applicant having control over how many are listed per page.

To apply for a listed position, the applicant simply checks a box next to the position and, when the final Submit Application button is clicked, the application and accompanying resume, if one has been uploaded, are “directed” to the managers or recruiters who posted the positions.

If no matching positions are located during the search, the applicant can elect to be notified when a matching position is posted. The system reviews all new postings at the end of the day, matching them with the notification requests and sends out personalized emails to those applicants. The email notifications contain direct links to the matching positions so the applicant can easily review the newly posted positions and submit an application if desired. Applicants can easily remove themselves from the automatic notification process.

A new, Skills Assessment test is being developed to further streamline the process for both applicants and recruiters. By answering a few questions, the system will be able to better match available openings with the applicant’s qualifications. With a finer screening of applicants, recruiters will have fewer unqualified applicants to review, greatly reducing the time it takes for them to “zero in” on the right candidates.

The Applicant Portal provides an alternative to the email notifications by presenting newly posted, matching applications to the applicants’ portals when they log into the system. The status of pending applications is also shown in their portal along with other HR marketing messages.

The FastApp code is used to give applicants an easy way to apply for specific, advertised positions. By simply entering the FastApp code printed in the ad, applicants go directly to the advertised positions. More importantly, FastApp provides HR a means of tracking the effectiveness of specific advertising mediums with reports that correlate the number of applicants from that medium with the resultant hiring of those applicants. Advertised positions can have multiple FastApp codes to track ad placements across different publications.

Registered applicants can enter the FastApp code and, with one click, have their application submitted for that position.

Integrates with:

  • Applicant Portal

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