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Expanded Group | The Vision | Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there” is a common but dangerous business philosophy to follow. It’s not ours and it shouldn’t be yours either.

We sit down with every client and talk about what they do, who their customers are, how their business relationships work and where they see themselves five years out. It’s imperative to understand your past, present and future business perspective before we do anything. Once we know where your business is today and where you want to be tomorrow, we work to tailor your new site’s activities so your customers continue to be supported and satisfied. With all the wondrous things a website can do for a business, it’s easy to get too far ahead of your support capabilities and jeopardize your customer relationships. Having a site you can’t support is worse than having no site at all.

Speaking of which, support and site maintenance are factors often overlooked in the thrill to get “on-line.” Unlike most site developers, we design our sites for our clients’ benefit, not ours. That means we’ll design your site so your personnel can make updates quickly and efficiently, saving you money by updating important information and making changes yourself - as needed - not when your site developer can get to it. Of course, if you’d rather we maintain your site, you’ll still save money since we’ll be using the same easy to use, time-saving tools you would use.

Since you’ll only need us to take care of major updates, changes and site restructuring, not minor updates, positive ROI is much faster.
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