Post-Employment : Materials Requisition

From ordering a new cartridge for a laser printer to a new CAT scan machine, all purchases are tracked automatically. If other departments such as HazMat, IT, or Building Maintenance need to be involved, a simple checkbox makes sure no one is overlooked.

Departmental budgets can be set and reports generated for purchase orders, compiling all orders by vendor. When materials are received, the ordering employee is notified automatically and a delivery schedule created.

If diagrams, spec sheets, photos or other hard copy items need to accompany the order, they are easily scanned and attached to the order.

For regularly ordered consumables, each department has its own “shopping” list with preapproved items for instant orders. Capital items are tracked and recorded separately from day-to-day necessaries.

Integrates with:

  • Employee Directory
  • Approval Routing

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