Pre-Employment : Applicant Portal

Today, more than ever, if you want the best employees, you have to work smarter and faster than your competition to find, hire and keep them. That’s just to fill existing openings. What about your future needs? Don’t you hate knowing that some of the applicants you have to pass up today would be great in a couple of months - but will probably be working for a competitor by then? Wouldn’t it be great if, when the time comes, all you’d have to do is say the word and they would come running? What would entice them to overcome the inertia of a job and come to work for you? More money? Sure, if you offer enough of a difference. But, what would make them come for the same amount you’d normally pay or the same amount they’re making in their current position? Well, as they say, money’s not everything. How about working conditions? How about benefits? How about the organization’s contributions to the community? All of those things, and more, go into a prospect’s evaluation of your company as a place to work.

When a prospect submits an application on-line, having already established his/her personal username and password, it is an easy task to keep them informed. With our Applicant Portal, it’s just as easy to keep them interested in working for you, even if they are not selected for a current opening and take a job elsewhere.

Our Applicant Portal allows the prospect to check the status of their applications without bothering anyone; see other open positions for which they are qualified but may not have considered; ask questions about working in your company other than “where’s my application;” see what current employees have to say about working for you; review the benefits of working in your organization. In short, their personal portal into your HR system gives them the information they would otherwise be calling your HR department about and, just as importantly, allows you to keep pitching your company so, when you’re ready to hire, they’re ready to come to work for you.

Integrates with:

  • Employee Directory
  • Personnel Requisition
  • On-Line Applications
  • Personnel Action Request

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