Physician Credentialing

nuMedia is currently developing a fully integrated credentialing package. The system will not only handle all the normal functions of verifying physicians' credentials with primary sources, all communications needs are provided with seamless integration with the Physicians' Portal application. Where automated information requests are possible, the system will submit and retrieve the relevant information from the sources. All required forms are automatically prefilled for both the hospital system's verification office and physicians for submission to the insurance providers with whom they contract for payment. For Texas Facilities and physicians, the credentialing system is fully integrated with the new Texas Standardized Credentialing Application, which was mandated by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), effective 08/01/02. Since the TDI’s application does not cover all JCAHO requirements, you can add your own JCAHO-oriented questions to the system. As the TDI’s application evolves, the system will continue to map all data correctly

Integrates with:

  • Employee Directory
  • Physician Directory
  • Secure Messaging
  • Bulletins
  • Document Library
  • Calendar