Physicians Communications Portal

Health care has always been one of the most highly regulated industries and with the new HIPAA regulations, it is even more important to guard sensitive, personally identifiable patient information. To allow physicians to communicate freely, yet safeguard sensitive information, our Physicians' Portal was developed for health care institutions. Scalable from a few physicians and small staff in a private practice setting to thousands of physicians and multiple staff offices in large hospital groups, the portal system works for everyone, whatever the industry, wherever sensitive information needs to be communicated.

In addition to a secure messaging system, complete with attachments which are scanned for viruses prior to transmission, the system handles all notices, bulletins, document postings and calendar management functions normally handled by fax or mail. Having the system handle everything electronically saves hundreds of hours each month and hundreds of dollars in materials, printing and mailing costs.

The physician and staff directories provide all contact information about the physicians and they can maintain their own profile information to ensure only correct information is in the system.

By design, the institutionís internal database of physician credentialing information can be tapped and used to augment the extraneous information maintained in the systemís database. With the system integration, the institutionís internal data is always kept secure while the portal system can add additional functions quickly and easily without fear of disrupting the internal systemís operation or integrity.

Being web-based, critical information is available to authorized physicians and staff anywhere, anytime.

While our systems have proven themselves in the highly charged, highly regulated health care industry, their functionality is common to all businesses and easily scale from a hundred employees, or less, to companies with thousands of employees.

Even the Physicianís Portal, described above, which was specifically designed for HIPAA compliance, works well in normal enterprises for everyday communications among employees and sensitive exchanges among and between board members and officers.

Integrates with:

  • Employee Directory
  • Physician Credentialing (under development)