Post-Employment : Job Performance

When it comes time for employee evaluations, the system pulls the job duties for each employee from the description database and automatically formats the evaluation questions. When it is time for a department manager to evaluate his team members, a reminder appears on his portal and a simple click takes him to the roster of his members. All the supervisor has to do is check the rating box for each duty listed and add a comment if appropriate; all calculations are performed by the system. Once the evaluation process and up-stream review is complete, the employee and/or HR is notified and they can review the results.

If pay rates are based upon evaluation scores and adjusted by compensation formulas, the employee’s pay rate adjustment is automatically calculated and passed to payroll. HR has the ability to override the calculated adjustment to accommodate special cases.

Currently the system uses the compensation formulas from Werling Associates.

If desired, other formulas can be incorporated.

Integrates with:

  • Employee Directory
  • Job Description Library

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