Post-Employment : Document Libraries

The Document Library is probably the next most important module in the system. Far more than just a simple list of documents available on-line, as new documents are added or existing documents updated, those charged with notice of such are automatically notified and a direct link to the document is provided in their portal.

When the employee opens the document, the time and date are recorded. If the document has a time for review assigned to it, any charged employee who has not accessed the document within the review period is reminded and their supervisor is notified. JCAHO likes this.

A complete history of document revisions is maintained so there is never a dispute over who saw what, or when they saw it, answering all questions of “What did they know and when did they know it.” HR administrators can pull up the exact document the employee reviewed at any time, even years and many revisions later.

Documents are categorized for ease of location and all documents posted to the library are automatically indexed for even easier retrieval using keyword searches.

We have implemented two separate document libraries for our clients. First, a Policy Library to provide all employees with immediate, controlled access to an organization’s policies and procedures. Second, a Forms Library where all current forms are provided. Both save time and money while assuring everyone in the organization has access to the latest and most current information.

Integrates with:

  • Employee Directory

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