Post-Employment : Call Center-Help Desk

The Help Desk is designed to assist personnel charged with answering employee questions quickly with fast, directed access to information resources. After entering the contact information of the person calling, the Help Desk personnel clicks on main topic icons, drilling down to the specific question area. If the question has been answered previously, the FAQ will bring up the Q&A and link to any documents in the policy library which have been tagged for the topic.

If no related Q&A exists or no matching policies are listed, the help desk person can do a search by keyword through all FAQs and policies. The search of the policy library includes a full text search of the documents themselves. If no results are located, the help desk person can simply click on a name of a Subject Matter Expert (SME), add a comment and transfer the question to that person or department.

Date and time of all activities are recorded for follow-up analysis. Once a question has been resolved, the caller can be automatically notified of the result or the help desk person will be triggered to make the follow-up response, either on the phone or by email.

If the employee directory is employed, the questioning employee’s identity is known and all follow-up activities can be automated.

Integrates with:

  • Employee Directory
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Policy Library
  • Forms Library

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